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If you want to contest a ticket, or pay it manually, just click the link in the email to tell ParkingPaladin to ignore the ticket.

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The impact of late fees

Save yourself $10 and a headache

My partner and I were constantly getting parking tickets downtown. With our hands full of backpacks and boxes from work, we'd grab the ticket from under our windshield wiper, grumble, and throw it in the console of our car. We'd totally remember to pay it later.

... yeah, I bet you can guess how that went. A few busy weeks later, a notice would show up in the mail, and we'd be out ten dollars more than if we'd just paid the ticket on time. Our car registration could be suspended for nonpayment if we continued to forget. And did you know the city charges a fee to pay online with a credit card?

That's why I built ParkingPaladin - to help save you from parking ticket late fees too.
- Fred